Editing An Existing Resource

In order to edit and adjust an existing resource, the process is very simerlar to editing any other element of the website. First of all you need to be logged in and looking at the Backend Administration pages of the website:

Basic Steps to Editing an Existing Resource:

  1. Login with your Editor Account Details
    1. Visit https://limbrecon.com/wp-admin
    2. Use your Editor Username
    3. Enter your Editor Password and click on login
  2. From the Dashboard Menu on the left of the screen, click on the EduResources link. A list of EduResources will now be shown.
    1. Like with Posts or any other content type on the website, if we hover over the item we wish to edit, we will see some options. In the case of EduResources we have; Edit | Quick Edit | Bin | View | Duplicate This | EA Duplicator | Edit with Elementor
      1. Edit – This link will open the post in the default WordPress Edit. Choose this if you wish to change a WordPress setting (if you are unsure, please send a support ticket).
      2. Quick Edit – This link will give you a screen where you can change quick details about your Resource, but not the content of the Resource itself.
      3. Bin – This link will send the currently selected Resource to the trash. It will be recoverable from that location.
      4. View – This link literally loads up the Resource in the Frontend, like non-administrators would see the content.
      5. Duplicate This – This link will duplicate the page, settings and content, and is an easy way to Copy a page ready for adding new content. (But remember to edit all the required details for the content.
      6. EA Duplicator – This link does the same thing as the previous one, but has slightly more options. If using Duplication features, I would suggest using this Duplicator.
      7. Edit with Elementor – This link will open the page in the Elementor Page Builder, a visual editing tool which can help you design your pages as well as fill them with content.

Editing your Resource works in the same way as adding a new Resource. The functions and features are identical. To save your changes, please not the Publish Button may say ‘Update’. Be sure to click this otherwise your changes will not be reflected on the frontend of the website.