Adding Resources

This tutorial will guide you through the current process for adding new content to the Resources page. The page itself has been designed in a way in which new content is added via the Administration backend of the website, meaning there should be no need to edit the actual page.

Basic Steps to Add New Resources:

  1. Login with your Editor Account Details
    1. Visit
    2. Use your Editor Username
    3. Enter your Editor Password and click on login
  2. ¬†From the menu on the left, Click on ‘EduResources’ – The Resources Content listings will load
    1. Click on ‘Add New EduResource’
    2. Add a Title to your EduResource. – This is your page title, and this is what people click on to view your content
    3. In the editor, this is where you add your content. For best results, use the Elementor Builder. This will allow you to literally drag & drop your content wherever you want it on the page. (Alternatively, you can simply type into the editor box, if you content is simply text. You can use the formatting controls here just like you would in a Word Document.
    4. Below the editor are some Resource Files Options – You can currently add a YouTube video automatically by pasting a URL to the video in the first box provided. Additionally you can currently attach two documents to the Resource. For example, if you had a printable PDF document version of your Resource that you wanted people to be able to download, add your files here.
    5. On the right of the page, the Featured Image box is where you would add a Photograph to represent the content you are creating. Click the ‘Set featured image’ link to upload or choose an image from the Media Library.
    6. In the Specialty box, please select the Speciality the content you are adding belongs to. – If a relevant one doesn’t exist, simply click ‘add specialty’ to add your own.
    7. In the EduResource Attributes box, leave Parent set to ‘(no parent)’ and the Template setting has three options. – ‘Default Template’ – Use this is adding text to the Editor box in step c. ‘Elementor Canvas’ – Use this option if you are using Elementor to add your content. [Do NOT use Elementor Full Width].
    8. When you have finished editing your New Resource, click the blue ‘Publish’ button.

Your new Resource will now be visable on the frontend of the website, on the Resources Page. – All without editing a page design whatsoever, which hopefully is simpler.